Artist- Cheryl Brown

I work in the medium of collage, enjoying the many tactile benefits of the art form that give me permission to collect, to tear, to touch, to play.   I use a combination of handmade and manufactured papers and ephemera that allow me to explore and imagine, to examine and challenge what is apparent, and to re-create.

I have always been fascinated with old maps, books, sheet music, scraps of paper and fabric, wrappers and ribbons, and see possibilities – color, value, texture in everything. Challenged to take those things that have been cast aside and re-purpose them to new life in my art is what excites and inspires me.

Looking deeper at what is mundane or ‘normal’ and presenting it in a new and surprising way is the goal of my work. In my “Common Bird” series, the crow or raven is simply a black bird that is seen everywhere to the point of being at times, a nuisance, but upon closer examination displays an incredible intelligence, curiosity and many human- like traits.

Participating in many art festivals, I enjoy listening to observers of my pieces and hearing stories of the crow that come from around the world, and to many are a tale of wonder, fond memories, and joy.  Someone said of my work, “Magical crows nearly fly off the vintage maps that Cheryl Brown uses in her lovely collage creations”.

I participate in several Seattle area art festivals each year, work from my studio at home and am a member of the Northwest Art Alliance Board of Directors.