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Welcome 2015!

It is January 2, 2015…Happy New Year!

I am determined to make this year one of appreciation, imagination, and creativity.  I want to document my journey through this year by keeping track of progress, thoughts and moments by attempting to update daily what I am doing.  In addition, I want to create a website where my art work is available for sale.  I have many things happening in my life, as we all do, so will divide my pages into Art, Garden and Finn Hill/Fur and Feathers.

The Art section will feature my current work in mixed media collage on maps as well as new work currently fermenting in my brain, soon (I hope) to make it’s way onto canvas or other substrate. Also listings of gallery shows and festivals and fairs I will be attending.  I will try to post work in progress…all depending on whether or not I can figure out this technology which is new to me!

My Garden section will feature the work/art/play that happens year round in my garden.  I have a multitude of woodpeckers, woodland birds, Douglas and Grey squirrels and even Mountain Beavers who visit daily.  I would love to share them!

Finn Hill/Fur and Feathers will feature my daily walks through the beautiful trails of Finn Hill with my Husky/Australian Shepherd mix dog, Bandit, and my love of the birds in the forest…as well as my continuing quest to spot an owl!  This is where I get much of my inspiration for my art and life.  It is where I do my thinking, my praying and am constantly amazed at the beauty that surrounds me.


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