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Back to the Studio!

In my second year of having a studio in Magnuson Park.  I spent most of last year sewing and building up my inventory of handbags, with a brief and very exciting foray into mixed media collage on maps which I have loved creating, and has spurred me to try more new things!

This being the year of imagination and creativity, I am determined to dip my fingers into new things, and not be concerned about results as much as process.  In that vein, I bought some paints yesterday, and will begin playing and experimenting to see what happens!

As I figure out this web page process, I will insert some of my recent work with crows on maps.  I call this series “A Common Bird”.  I have been very impressed with the stories that have come from customers and those interested in my work about their experience with crows.  I feel I could write a book about these intelligent, curious and playful birds who exhibit many of the same traits as humans!

16p Raven1 web24d magesty in gold web04h Interlude web24d magesty in gold web


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